About Enterosgel

Enterosgel is an oral intestinal adsorbent. Intestinal adsorbent is a substance that adsorbs toxins in GIT and then is naturally expelled from the body with the stool.

Allergens, viruses and bacterial toxins can affect the gut flora and the digestive health.

Enterosgel is a gel-like adsorbent created to help eliminate bacterial toxins, allergens and viruses from the body.

A number of studies have shown that Enterosgel helps:


20 years on the CIS pharmaceutical market! Over-The-Counter (OTC).

Enterosgel is well-tolerated by children and adults and has no reports of severe adverse reactions. It can be used in conjunction with other medicines. Enterosgel should be taken 1-2 hours before or after meal and intake of other medicines.


Enterosgel helps to eliminate bacterial toxins, allergens, viruses and radionuclides from the body. Enterosgel is prescribed by doctors worldwide: from Iceland to New Zealand.

Ease of use

Enterosgel can be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women and newborns. It is eliminated from the body with the stool.

No taste and odour

The gel does not contain preservatives, flavours, alcohol, sweeteners and other additives, and it does not have any taste or odour.