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Poisoning is a disruption of all body systems as a result of the toxic effect of a substance (poison) that may pose a threat to human life.

Today, effective methods have been developed to combat acute and chronic poisoning: hemodialysis, hemosorption and antidote therapy.

As antidotes, substances and mixtures are used, depending on the toxic substance.

Intestinal adsorbents are administered as first aid for poisoning prior to the arrival of ambulance. Adsorbents bind toxic substances in the stomach and intestines. Then poisons are naturally eliminated from the body. Adsorption is used for acute and chronic poisoning in children and adults. Enterosgel is a bright example of a modern intestinal adsorbent that can be used as first aid to treat various poisonings.

Enterosgel may be prescribed for intensive therapy of acute poisoning with alcohol, narcotics, heavy metal salts, aromatic hydrocarbons, alkaloids, other toxic and potent substances. Enterosgel helps treat chronic poisoning in workers of harmful industries and elimination radionuclides. Enterosgel is also used by tobacco smokers for detoxification.

In the case of severe intoxication during the first three days you can use the following dosage

At the end of three days or after the disappearance of symptoms of poisoning you need to go to the regular dose.

Acute enteric infections

Acute enteric infections develop very rapidly - 4-24 hours from the moment of their introduction. At the very beginning, the disease may be accompanied by colds, weakness, headache, temperature. However, within a few hours, such symptoms as nausea, urges to vomit, acute pains in the abdomen, diarrhoea and excessive gas formation in the intestine (flatulence) may appear.

The above symptoms are triggered by multiplying microbes or viruses that damage the intestinal mucosa and release toxins that poison the body.

First aid for poisoning

It is very important not to waste time, and immediately take Enterosgel, which has the following important properties:


It is a widely known fact that the immune system enables human body to fight infection, poisons, cancer cells, etc.

Allergy is a unproportional reaction of the body to the impact of allergens. In fact, anything can be an allergen. For example, food, cold, cat fur, medicine, cosmetics, pollen, the sun or a certain season.

In most cases, the predisposition to allergies is inherited. From the first days of life a child faces a lot of substances that at some point may become allergens. Over the past thirty years, the allergy has become quite a frequent disease, as a result of environmental pollution, chemicals in food, chronic stress and uncontrolled use of medications.

The first signs of an allergy can be a runny nose, watery eyes, skin rashes, suffocation, diarrhoea, joint pain, fever, vomiting. The appearance of these symptoms is a reason to call a doctor

Basic principles of allergy treatment

Simultaneous intake of antihistamines and Enterosgel is considered effective. While antihistamines eliminate external manifestations of allergy, Enterosgel helps eliminate allergens from the body. Immunotherapy is also used to increase body's resistance to a certain allergen. If antihistamines do not cope with the problem, glucocorticoid hormones are prescribed.

Numerous scientific studies have confirmed the effectiveness of Enterosgel as adjuvant treatment of atopic dermatitis, bronchial asthma, Quincke’s edema, hives, food allergies, and hay fever.

Enterosgel increases efficiency of allergy treatment and is well tolerated by patients.

Atopic dermatitis

Many children in the first year of life suffer from atopic dermatitis: the skin becomes dry; redness, rashes, flaking, cracks, wetting, infection may appear. Because of the intolerable itch, children become restless, sleep badly, cry often.

The most common cause of atopic dermatitis is food allergy. Its development is facilitated by anatomical and physiological features of the baby's gastrointestinal tract. In newborns most of organs are at the stage of developing.

For example, in newborns, the production of digestive enzymes is reduced. That is, the pancreas has not yet learned to produce enzymes in the right amount for digesting proteins, carbohydrates and fats. In addition, neonates still have not fully formed the composition of the normal intestinal microflora.

Thus, it turns out that many large molecules (of which any food product consists) simply cannot be digested. That's why we do not feed kids fruits, cottage cheese and meat until a certain age.

Clinical manifestations of atopic dermatitis - food allergies - can be as follows:

At the first manifestations of such symptoms you should immediately consult a doctor.

The development of an allergic reaction can be mitigated if Enterosgel is taken immediately. Enterosgel helps remove allergens and toxic substances, and allows avoiding the use of excess medicines. A hypoallergenic diet should be followed.

Skin cleansing

Itchy and painful pimples may be terribly annoying. Dermatologists do not advise to squeeze them out at home. In fact, invisible on young skin, a slight wound from a squeezed-out pimple may turn into uneven and flabby skin as years go by.

Detoxification of the body is a essential step towards clean skin. You can do it easily at home. The course of cleansing the body can be supported by an oral intestinal adsorbent - Enterosgel. It helps eliminate toxins from the body passing through intestine. Otherwise toxins get into the bloodstream, damage the liver and being eliminated through the skin, cause its inflammation. This inflammation may be manifested by acne, redness, rash, itching etc.

Enterosgel can be used as adjuvant therapy if taken 1-2 hours before or 1-2 hours after the intake of other medicines. Enterosgel can be combined with many medicines, e.g. antibiotics, non-steroid analgetics.

Smooth, velvety and glowing skin radiates self-confidence, provides aesthetic pleasure, testifying not only to the health of the skin, but also to the health of the whole organism. Cleanse your skin daily, don’t forget about periodic detoxification, and your skin will rejoice at any age!